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Notes from the Board of Elders

The two documents below provide our members with additional information on how they can serve and who to contact with ideas that will enhance our ministry in this community.     Who Is My Elder?            Extreme Weather Policy

Service To God

 Giving Proportionally is an intentional giving of a percentage of our time, talents and treasures.   All of these are gifts from God. We give in response to the gifts we have been given.  There are many opportunities for us at Mt. Calvary, in our community and in our world. Please pray how the Lord is leading you to respond intentionally to all His gifts you have received. Review the many  opportunities you have to serve here:  Opportunities To Serve


Some members have embraced technology and choose to contribute through online resources. If that is your wish use this link to set up your account:  Online Giving

Church Council

The Church Council meets the third Monday of each month except for June and November.  If you have business for the Council to consider please provide an explanation to the Church Office at least four days in advance.  A copy of the most recent Council minutes and a list of Church Officers and Board Chairpersons can found at these links.  Note: Members who wish to receive a copy of the financial reports are asked to contact the Church Office.

  Church Officers     February 2023 Minutes   January 2023 Minutes    December 2022 Minutes   

Shadow Of The Cross

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